19 Little Lies We Tell Ourselves Every Day

19 Little Lies We Tell Ourselves Every Day


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We might think that we keep it 100 with ourselves, but we actually tell ourselves subtle, insidious lies every day. It’s about the little things – some of it has to do with our self perception, and some with the excuses that we make but might be in denial about. See what you might be lying to yourself about here.

1. Saying to yourself, “I got enough sleep. 5 hours is enough.” Nope, 7-8 hours are enough, dude, you’re just trying to convince your brain that your current lifestyle that prioritizes work and social media over sleep is “healthy”.

2. When we promise ourselves that we can keep a big juicy secret someone has told us. Most likely, we’re going to divulge it to someone at some point – that’s the nature of holding the key to a secret.

3. Saying “I’m not enough” This is a mental construct holding you back. Negate this by telling yourself “I am enough” every day. We determine our own self worth.

4. Telling yourself, “I exercised this morning, so one extra bag of chips won’t make a difference!”. That extra bag or that extra cupcake always makes a difference – you’re just psyching yourself out to feel less guilty.

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