Balance Living® Herb Seeds Growing Kit – Set of 5 pots and organic soil

Product Features

  • 5 Pots, 5 Pouches of Herb Seeds (Basil, Mint, Parsley, Oregano, Thyme), 5 Filters (2" paper disc), 1 Fertilizer, 1 bag Soil (4 Qt.)
  • Pot dimensions: 3.5"x3.5"x3.5". Bamboo composite construction. Lime green color. Clean design, sturdy material. Great growing kit and herbs set!
  • Grow your own fresh herbs garden for culinary garnishing. Add natural fragrance and flavor to your cooking. Eat food you trust, save big.
  • Easy, convenient home kit doesn't require gardening savoir-faire. Beautiful results outdoor (February thru April) or indoor by a sunny window.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
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Product Description

Imagine harvesting lusciously green, aromatic plants and garnishing your homemade recipes with freshly cut herbs.

Balance Living® Set of 5 Fresh Herb Garden Seeds, Soil & Pots is now a reality! Our kit is a one-stop-shop including all the necessary elements to grow your own fresh, fragrant herbs naturally in the comfort of your home.

The package contains:

* Basil: a favorite in cooking garnishing, it produces a bushy plant with glossy opposing leaves

* Mint: Aromatic and refreshing, it adds a wonderful scent and flavor to desserts and beverages.

* Parsley: ever so popular, fresh parsley sprigs immediately add a flavorful boost to any dish

* Oregano: produces succulent herbs, snip a few leaves to unleash strong flavors

* Thyme: versatile, beautiful, fragrant leaves used for cooking or oil infusion

5 containers: 3.5″x3.5″x3.5″ pot with a 3/8 hole for efficient drainage. Bamboo composite construction

5 filters/paper discs2″ dia. keeps the soil from leaking out. Slows down water loss

1 bag of soil:potting mix suited for herb gardening

Instructions and tips for a lush herb garden

Add beauty and fragrance to your living spaces.

* Indoor planting is possible only by a sun-drenched window sill

1. Soak the seeds in a shallow cup of water for a few hours

2. Position the filter disc at the bottom of the pot

3. Fill the container with soil up to 3/4 capacity

4. Press the seeds into the soil

5. Water often and fertilize soil

6. Snip blooms and harvest regularly

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