Climbers Encounter Sasquatch in Colorado

Climbers Encounter Sasquatch in Colorado


United States| A couple of moutain climbers from Canada made an astonishing encouter on a mountaineering trip in Colorado, as they stumbled upon a gigantic male sasquatch fishing in a stream.

“I was really scared at first, because he was so tall and furry” explains Kelly Gardner, still emotionnal two days after the event. “After a while we achieved to establish contact with it and he turned out to be a lot of fun! He took a few pictures with us, drank a couple of beers with some hot-dogs. It was amazing!”

The pictures taken by the couple are surprisingly clear and well defined in comparison to most previous material evidence of the existence of sasquatch, proving beyond the shadow of a doubt that the cryptocreature actually exists. Many scientific expeditions are to be expected in the region as the discovery has already attracted great interest from the public.




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