How to Heal your Pineal Gland to facilitate Enlightenment optimize Melatonin and Live Longer: The Enlightenment App

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In this book nutritionist Joel Blanchard cheerfully offers information specifically designed to help us create a reality of health, happiness, and enlightenment for ourselves. He alerts us to the fact that our pineal glands have almost certainly become damaged by environmental conditions on this industrialized planet. Your pineal gland is responsible for making the majority of your melatonin, and the studies cited in this book suggest that melatonin may very well be the most powerful cell-protecting molecule in existence. From protecting your cells and eyesight to helping your body make antibodies, lower elevated blood sugar levels, and counteract many, if not all, forms of cancer – melatonin does it all. In addition to discussing how to heal your pineal gland in order to benefit from optimal melatonin levels, Joel discusses how healing your pineal gland can improve your perception, intuition, self-mastery, and insight. This gland is considered by many spiritual practitioners, philosophers, cultures, religions, and researchers to be either the center of your “third eye” chakra or an information receiver, or both. Joel also discusses the role cannabis (marijuana) and dimethyltryptamine (DMT) can play in creativity, melatonin production, and personal epiphanies. Are you ready to turn your pineal gland back on and start receiving the kind of creativity and body energy you had as a child, before your pineal gland became calcified? Are you ready to use your built-in Enlightenment App?

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