Search for God & Higher Truth Book 5. The Pineal Gland & DMT: Soulgate to Hidden Dimensions?

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    The purpose of life is to:

    find the highest truth about yourself.

    try to find out if there is something else beyond this physical realm in another dimension either right here, right now or after death.

    release whatever is good, beautiful, honest, loving and lustful within yourself

    Is there more to life than this physical reality we know everyday like another dimension that exists right beside us as we live and after death?

    Can you reach transcendence within this physical realm as through creativity, intense physical activities, worshipping God, using certain psychedelic drugs or simply thinking deep thoughts within your mind?

    The pineal gland is a small endocrine gland in the brain that is shaped like a pinecone. When you look at pictures of ancient holy people and enlightened people, some of them are wearing pinecone-like hats on their heads, some have halos, some are carrying staffs with a pinecone-shaped thing on them. There is a big green pinecone statue in the Vatican Square.

    Is there something supernatural that these ancient human cultures got from our Creators that gave them knowledge about travelling to other dimensions within their souls through the pineal gland?

    Is the pineal gland the biological gland within us that is coded with a supernatural DNA-power that enables our souls to travel in and out of the body through it or is it just a biological organ that creates serotonin and DMT which give us hallucinations of mystical-spiritual-supernatural experiences?

    I don’t know. I thought I was pretty enlightened. I only started hearing about the pineal gland and enlightenment about a month or so ago so I figured if I’m naïve about it, most other people must be. There’s not much written about it anywhere. What I found was basically a bunch of people all copying the same few tidbits of knowledge from each other. I had to listen to a bunch of videos to find a few tidbits here and there about the possible supernatural connections of the pineal gland.

    Chapter 1. Is the Pineal Gland Mystical?

    Pineal Gland Health

    The pineal gland is a walnut or pinecone-shaped gland located in the brain. It is sometimes called the Third Eye or the Eye of Horus from Ancient Egyptian mythology which refers to the all-seeing eye located within the body that houses the imagination and the entryway to higher states of consciousness.

    It responds to light and darkness like a real eye does. When the eyes get a signal that it’s dark, the pineal gland starts to produce melatonin to help you go to sleep and enter dreamy, mystical states.

    The darkness opens up pathways in the pineal gland that enable you to dream, visualize important things in your life and maybe even enter a mystical dimension.

    The pineal gland becomes clogged through poor healthy habits particularly using fluoride through water and toothpaste which calcifies it. In the 1990s a scientist by the name of Jennifer Luke studied the effects of fluoride on the pineal gland and realized it calcifies it.

    In the past, fluoride was added to prisoners’ water to keep them docile.

    Fluorides are used in animal-pest poisons.

    When the pineal gland is calcified, it interferes with its job of producing melatonin for sleep and serotonin which is a mood-boosting hormone so if you’re depressed a lot, it could be because your pineal gland has been calcified and blocked because of poor lifestyle habits.

    The pineal gland releases hormonal and neurotransmitter messages to the pituitary gland which sends messages to the hypothalamus which then send messages throughout your body and mind.

    The pineal gland is supposedly the path to your dreams and all other mystical, sacred, spiritual states of consciousness. It is supposed to be used to access whatever is transcendent and spiritual within us.

    It has rods and cones in it just like our two eyes do. Rods and cones are sensitive to light and images. People think that when we close our eyes, our m

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